Anhang 3(2)

Snow everywhere! When I woke up I was so suprised and happy like a little kid because I didn’t believe the weather forecast. I really liked this suturday. Of course I had to spend the day outside and enjoyed a three hour walk with my family through our city and forest. Snow in my shoes, in my face and on my neck – but it didn’t matter, it was just such a wonderful feeling. The only thing which was a real pity was that my cat coulnd’t enjoy the weather very well and I wished that I had a dog who would appreciate the snow. Just kidding, Luci, I love you!

When we were back home we enjoyed a cosy evening with hot chocolat, burning candles and desperate housewives and were surprised that it didn’t stoped snowing.
I hope so much that the snow will stay – because if yes, I maybe have the chance to ski for the very first time tomorrow!

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Anhang 3(3)

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