Today I show you a few foodies I absolutely loved. I love eating and especially recognized in the past time how happy it made me to try out new things and that I started baking again. Here are my favourites:

Beloved Bagels & Sweet Smoothies {Ingredients: bagels, avocado, humus, salad, tomato, cucumber}

Anhang 1 (3)

Crêpes of Heaven {Ingredients: crêpes, cream, vanilla ice cream, fresh berries}

Anhang 3 (2)

Fantastic Fanta Cake {Ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, fanta, cream, sour cream and cinnamon}


Summer Smoothies {Ingredients: frozen rasberries/strawberries, soymilk}


Monster Milchschnitte {Ingredients: flour, sugar, cacao, soy milk, cream}


Rasberry Tarte Flambée {Ingredients: Tarte flambée dough, rasberries, sour cream, sugar, and it tastes even better with Nutella}


Creamy Chocolate Blueberry Muffins {Ingredients: Blueberries, chocolate sprinkles, eggs, sugar, flour, soy milk}


I hope I could inspire you a bit to celebrate the sweet side of life – because life is too short to give up on chocolate! The next thing on my baking list are self made macarons <3 Have a nice saturday!

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